Monday, January 09, 2006

More challenging exercises

Bonobos Convergence is getting set to do some studio recording relatively soon. We've picked out most of the songs already, and Pete has even written an introduction instrumental piece which will immediately precede "Today" (which was previously posted here). This little overture is called "Former Future" and has some rather interesting characteristics.

The middle section is based upon an 8 note diminished scale and features a unique little run which took some practice to get down just right. I think this is a great exercise, as it uses muscles and finger combinations that you usually don't put together.

At the end of the introduction is a 2 measure 16th note run (with retard) which is equally challenging as it throws in a tritone in a very unusual place. Playing this run cleanly also takes a fair amount of concentration.

(as usual, click on the images for larger versions).


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